2020 Annual Meeting (and Membership Plea)
The COVID-19 pandemic is hitting us all in many different ways. It’s difficult to see clearly what the future has in store for us right now, but hopefully we will be back at it soon and we’ll play the “remember when” game. The Kachemak Bay Running Club is pressing forward in hopes of a full season of racing and outdoor adventure. We are updating our website and online correspondence to make sure that we can provide you with the most up to date information on our membership and races. We are streamlining technology and just purchased a new timing chip machine which allows us to use the mis-matched bib stock that we currently have to cut costs.

Our intention is to maintain our sponsorship of the 2020 events but given the unforeseeable future of this pandemic we may need to cancel some of these events. We are discussing ways to make this happen so that you don’t incur a financial hit for events that are cancelled. You will probably see shorter windows for online registration and possibly creative start options for some of these races.

One thing that we do need to keep this club going is YOUR MEMBERSHIP! Here is a link to sign up. Membership provides you with $5 off the Migration Run, Spit Runs, Halibut Hustle and Vday 5k. We can’t keep this club going without your help. Business Membership gets your name on the Spit Run t-shirt and additional social media and website recognition.

Join the Kachemak Bay Running Club and the Homer running community for these great events in 2020. The list is constantly changing so check back often.